Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who rules "Blossom Festival" -- Mother Nature or Father Time?

The 2011 Hood River Blossom Festival came and went, basically without blossoms. Some rain. Some wind. Some sun. But, no blossoms - well, not in the orchards. There were blossoms in yards and flowerbeds, just not on the fruit trees. 

We drove the "Fruit Loop" looking for blossoms, but still found none. Yet, we were treated to sunny weather, beautiful scenery and stunning views of Mt. Hood. This day we traveled up to Cooper Spur and walked up to the ski resort. Watched two skiers and their dog. Looked like the dog loved the run down the hill and tolerated waiting for the skiers to make the return trip.

While we missed the blossoms this year, we did have a good time. The wind was cold. Really cold at times. Yet, the people of Hood River and the Blossom Festival were warm and welcoming. We had great visits with the photographers, artists and craftsmen. Pleasant time all 'round. We're looking forward to another Blossom Festival, blossoms or not. 

In a week or two, the Hood River Valley should be all dressed up for the big Blossom Fesitval party. Just a bit late this year. May be that Mother Nature is taking her time getting ready.

That's what we get. Mother Nature and Father Time decide when the timing is right to show off. I tend to think that Mother Nature won this argument. She's protecting her blossoms. Father Time just wanted to party. :)