Thursday, January 27, 2011

Island of Time. Blue Basin, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Pulling into the parking lot at the Blue Basin trailhead I never guessed what we'd see on our hike let alone how hot it would be. Temperatures in this canyon terrain are often 20 degrees higher than nearby locations. It reminded me of the temps in Hells Canyon. 
Thankfully, we had water for our hike into Oregon's badlands.

Even in the heat, the hike was worth it. The colors, textures and formations of the canyon walls are fascinating. White. Tan. Brown. Chocolate. Gray. Green. Blue. Sprayed-on cement. Dried Mud. Incredible Inclines. Fossils of various plants and animal ancestors. Castle-esque hilltops. A glorious amphitheater.  Deep grooves mocking river beds. One section resembled a rock-ledge waterfall (see blue-green ledge in my photo).

I imagined a past with a vastly different terrain. I see a river coursing downhill. My thought was that this place had captured  "A River in Time."

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  1. Love your AMAZING photos and what a wonderful blog you have created here! You need to put an actual book together of your photos/memories/history. Lovely! Made my day looking at this blog!
    Love, Lolly