Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Painted Hills, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Imagine driving through the Oregon "outback", lots of rocky terrain covering hills and deep valleys, sparse vegetation for miles, then the road you're on makes its way around the hillside and there in front of you are hills of a different color... the kind you've heard tell about. Painted hills. Semi-solid colors. Stripes and bands of red and gold. Some blotches of black. Broad strokes of dark green and mahogany and the shades of purple. "WOW!", you say. You wonder how much more color is underneath that rocky crust. Somehow the already exposed earth in all its magnificent colors with fascinating stories may not be enough for your curiosity. You still wonder how much more color is there.

Take in all that color and know that this was caused by volcanic episodes, dramatic heating and cooling, the deposits of minerals and of course, time. Ahh, time and Mother Nature. What a great combination of powers, creating some of the most interesting and spectacular art in the natural world.

Come see the gallery of the Painted Hills Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Experience the colors and textures for yourself.

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