Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Oregon!!!

What a grand day to celebrate the birthday of the state I love. Oregon became a state 152 years ago today, Valentine's Day. Two special days in one.

February of 2009, Jeff and I just happened to drive by the Oregon State Capital while driving through Salem on our way to Newport to celebrate our first Valentine's Day together. What a sight. Crowds of people on the Capital grounds. All there to celebrate our Oregon. It being Valentine's Day, there was even a wedding party posing for their portraits on the Capital grounds. I thought, "What a great day for them. Oregon's birthday, Valentine's Day and their wedding day. Three great days all in one."

We were so pleased to have been drawn to downtown Salem and drive by the Capital and be able to join in the grand celebration. While enjoying the festivities we were nearly run over by a former Oregon State Governor. She was in a bit of a rush. :)

Walking the grounds reminded me of times my Grandpa Booth took my brother and me for walks downtown. What great memories. I can still hear him telling us about Oregon. The Capital grounds. The flowers, trees, squirrels and birds. The state buildings and where he worked. He was a proud Oregonian....transplanted from Wyoming. Just as my Mom and Grandma were. My Dad was born in Oregon. Me too. Jeff too.

Happy Valentine's Day Oregon. More importantly, Happy Birthday. 

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