Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Valley Falls, Northeastern Oregon

Tucked away in northeastern Oregon is a beautiful falls. Well off the path, but, oh so worth the trek. A highway drive through farmland. Over hills on back roads that narrow and turn into a one-lane trail. Pull off the road. Park the car. Walk over a bridge. Take what passes for a trail. Make your way over or under a tree leaning over that trail and you'll be treated to a waterfall cutting its way through basalt cliffs. Mother Nature's erosion at its finest.

High Valley Falls is a peaceful oasis in the forest. A place for reflection and meditation. A place of solitude and wonder. A place for quiet exploration and to photograph simple beauty. 

A goal of mine is to make this trek in the Winter. I know it will be beyond cold, but I want to see High Valley Falls all dressed in white.

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